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It’s All About The Comeback

We’ve all heard the saying ‘”If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. But I’d like to add a second piece to that…. “Plan for failure”. I know it sounds negative, but it is more about reality than negativity, especially when it comes to long term planning and goal setting around nutrition and exercise. For example, if having a lovely glass of wine or a holiday cookie is something you truly enjoy, but you are actively decreasing these treats to keep weight off during the holidays, do you actually think you’ll have no wine or cookies at all over the holidays? Really? Not one glass?  Not one cookie? Mmmmm…  Doesn’t seem too realistic. And, if you do overindulge, […]

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Set Your Intentions Before You Set Your Thanksgiving Table

And so it begins. The eating season. Even though every year I come to this point of the season promising myself I won’t gain weight this time, I still end up gaining weight! It’s worrisome, because this kind of weight gain seems small and innocuous enough, but, in reality, research has shown that it’s this same weight that we keep on for the whole next year…only to add 2 or 3 more pounds next holiday season! Holiday weight gain is not nearly as innocent as we want to think it is.  Think about gaining 2 or 3 pounds every holiday season for a decade, added to other weight gain from aging or lack of exercise, and we can easily find […]

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Heart Rate Monitor

Does Fitness Technology Equal Fitness Sucess?

I get asked all the time about what I think of high tech gadgets, exercise monitors, phone apps and more. While I think that all of these tools can create support and accountability for users, I always still wonder, does this translate into improved success? I’m not so sure they do. Some of the fittest people I know use no fitness tracking at all, while some of the least fit people I know use every tech gadget available.

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Banish the All or Nothing Mindset

The “All or Nothing” mentality is a damaging mindset when it comes to getting fit and making positive changes towards a healthier life. (The only mindset more damaging- “Nothing or Nothing”- in other words, never caring enough to even try) Many of us exhibit this mentality and have suffered greatly from it. The “All or Nothing” attitude often results in overuse injuries and an unsustainability of a fitness regimen. This prevents us from being successful, and more importantly, from feeling successful.

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New Year’s Resolutions- Evolve, Don’t Resolve

What do I think of New Years’ Resolutions?  Not much! Even though I am a pretty dedicated person, I have never really succeeded at keeping my resolutions. I am sure I am not alone. Typically, resolutions are made out of hope and wishes , and rarely with thoughtfulness or long term planning. I think we can do better. While it is really exciting to have these hopes for The New Year,  the excitement of having wishes fulfilled is quickly diminished by the reality of the task at hand.  And, feeling “once again” let down by your own failure to succeed at your resolutions can do more harm than good. Over committing to anything is often a recipe for later disappointment.  […]

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Are you a fitness role model for your kids?

One of the greatest joys I have as a trainer is to watch the children of my clients  grow up with exercise in their homes. It got me wondering- what kind of a role model are YOU for your children? Do you exercise on a regular basis? Or, sit on the couch like a slug? Do you talk positively about exercise, or complain about how much it hurts, or how hard it is?  Do you complain about being fat in front of your children? Or, do you diet restrictively, which teaches them that some food is bad and some food is good? Just askin’ the questions…. hoping to make YOU think. While you are thinking about exercise, eating well, being a good […]

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Can You Be TOO Flexible?

I was asked by one of my clients the other day- Can I be too flexible?  I suppose if she was a circus performer, maybe no, but for us regular folks- absolutely!  Often, being too flexible creates more physical problems than being too tight. When the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body do not have the tension- i.e. strength – to hold the bones in proper alignment, you can get in real trouble.   There are many more hyper-flexible women than men. This may be partly because women typically did not perform strength training as a population until recently-20 years or so- and that would’ve helped to balance out our flexibility. But mostly, it‘s because, genetically, we are more flexible […]

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Five Easy Tips To Make Running More Fun

I’ve been running on and off for over 37 years. At age 52, I am starting to enjoy running again after years of dreading it. Why? Maybe it’s my age, my wisdom or just experience, but I really have changed my mindset around running. That, and the fact that I listen to my body now, rather than ignore it, has made running fun again. For the first 15 years I ran, it was because I “had” to, either to stay in shape for sports, or to stay thin. In my 30’s and 40’s I changed from running to aerobics and pounded myself into the ground in a different way. By age 47, I had alot of aches and pains and the […]

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Can you change bad habits into good?

I’ve been thinking alot about how simple habits drive most of our behaviors, especially around food.  We eat the same things most every day. We drink the same coffee from the same coffee shop  in our cars, drive the same route to work, or watch one particular news show, without any thought that these are just habits.  What if our habit of eating a cookie every day at 3pm is just a habit,  and nothing else? Can we change this behavior if the habit is not serving us well? A recent article in The Boston Globe G Section interviewed Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit” . I found his insights into human behaviors and habits very intriguing and relevant to my work around eating well and exercising. […]

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