Avoiding Weight Gain On Vacation- It Is Possible!

For some inexplicable reason, maybe a weird bit of good karma, or maybe God’s intervention, I went on vacation this summer and did not gain weight. Yes, I ate pasta and bread, drank wine ( I ate salads every day too!) and had dessert and still did not gain weight. I don’t really know why. I am speculating that I actually had a higher activity level than I believed I could get while on a 380 foot tall ship, so this may have helped keep my energy expenditure up a bit. But I also think that eating freshly made food, no fast food, no processed food and small portions played a role too. Or was it that I was less […]

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“Today’s Superwoman” is a Tool for Creating a Happy, Fulfilled Life

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  – Anais Nin This quote started my journey towards self-care, self-improvement and a happier, more fulfilled life. It has started many others journeys as well.  It is the quote that begins our book “Today’s Superwoman- What to Do When Your Cape is at the Cleaners”. Have you started your journey yet? Many people, most people, have a deep rooted desire for self-improvement. Some move forward easily in this journey, while others have a hard time getting started. Either way, it is possible for all of us to create the happy, fulfilled life we desire.  It is part […]

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Aha Moment

The Best Nutrition Advice You’ll Ever Get

I know. It’s confusing…… High protein, low protein, whole grains or no carbs, paleo, vegan, shakes, cleanses, healthy fats, low fat…… Nutrition advice is often confusing and variable. Should you count calories or not? Should you watch your macros or control your portions? Eliminate foods groups? Is dairy bad? What about gluten? If Marie Osmond or Oprah Winfrey tells me what to eat, is it good advice? These are the kind of questions I get asked every day. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same questions.  And, if you have weight/bodyfat to lose, it’s super frustrating. You have intention and motivation, but you’ve read so many varying opinions, you’re stuck in neutral. I apologize for my industry. We certainly are […]

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Try This! Half Kneeling Exercise Variations

I’m a big fan of using cable machines and functional training multi stations when at the gym. At home, I often use heavy elastic tubing to mimic the cable exercises I do at the gym. Either way, cable/tubing exercises afford a ton of varying positions, stances and postural challenges all while remaining closed chain and core strengthening. I love 1/2 kneeling variations especially, and will use this stance for rows, lat pull downs, presses, anti-rotation exercises, and even for shoulder exercises like overhead pressing or rotator cuff work. For example, try a 1 arm 1/2 kneeling chest press at the cable machine. Face away from the cable/tubing attachment with working arm on same side as knee down. Boy does this […]

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Try This! Plank Variations for Everyone

When it comes to anterior core strengthening, fancy and complicated exercises may not be the way to go, especially if you can’t rock more basic ( but often more effective) exercises like the plank. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Planks….boring, ho hum. You are not alone. Lots of people get bored with planks and instead do acrobatic and complicated anterior core exercises without attention to detail, posture, or even whether it is the right exercise for them. Unfortunately, I have found that some of these same people have trouble with basic planking variations, where it’s all about stability and stiffness.  Core stability and stiffness are a necessary precursor to more advanced multi planar or stability challenge exercises, so […]

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Superwoman Flying

Exciting News! Today’s Superwoman book is coming soon!

EXCITING NEWS! Spring is Coming & So is Our New Book! Spring is in the air, can you feel it yet? The sun is higher and we have even experienced its warmth in the past few days. Let the count down begin! March 13th, we turn the clocks ahead, enjoy more daylight and increased energy. March 21st spring arrives and brings with it a sense of new beginnings and possibilities. Before you know it, nature will awaken with buds and blossoms. It’s a time of rebirth. Most of us tend to go through our days running hither and yon from one thing to the next. We constantly comment about how fast time flies by, yet we just keep letting it […]

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Food Supplement

To Supplement or Not to Supplement…… That is the Question

There is a massive amount of confusion around supplements and whether they are even necessary or effective. The confusion is not just with fitness enthusiasts. Doctors and medical professionals are confused as well. Research studies affirming or denying the usefulness of supplements vary week to week, and the consensus is still mixed. It’s no wonder we are confused. I take supplements myself and have done so for years, partly from my own research about their effectiveness and partly based on medical advice from a functional medicine physician. One important caveat when considering taking supplements; it is essential to individualize your supplementation. Just because your friend takes a particular supplement, or Dr. Oz recommends one, does not mean it is good […]

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breaking bad habits

Breaking Bad Habits….. understanding how to create change

It’s a New Year. New goals! New habits! A New You. If it were only that easy. We wake up on New Year’s Day overfed and hung-over, and vow to change. We make resolutions under duress and then think they will stick around all year. And if you’re like most of us, they usually don’t. This is often because we don’t take into consideration the strength of our negative habits, and the challenge of changing them. In reality, simple habits drive most of our behaviors, especially around food. We eat the same things most every day. We go to the same coffee shop. We drive the same route to work. We do all this without any thought that these are […]

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Counting My Blessings

As I count my blessings today, I include all of you at the top of my list. I have the greatest job in the world, and I owe it all to you, my friends and clients. It is a gift to work with people who always continue to strive to be healthier and happier. You have always taught me more than anything I could ever teach you. And for that, I am grateful. I hope you find quiet time over the holidays to count your blessings and to love the most important person in your life….. YOU.

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Does it look like ANYONE has any idea what they are doing here?

27 Observations from 27 Years in the Fitness Industry

1988…..leg warmers, thong leotards and the first real aerobics shoe, a Reebok high top “instructor” model. Those were the good ole days when aerobics was on top of the fitness world, nautilus machines were the way to get strong, and joining a big box gym was your only choice. 1988 was also the year I began to teach aerobics, the beginning of a long career in fitness. It’s hard to describe to young fitness enthusiasts what those days were like, but, needless to say, we thought we knew everything about fitness. Fast forward 27 years, and I realize we knew nothing (or very little) about fitness. Exercise science was in its infancy. Core conditioning was an unknown. Rolling around on […]

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