Athletic woman touching her back muscles by injury

Safe Gardening For A Better Back

With summer in full bloom, so are our vegetable gardens, our backyards and our weeds. Gardening, landscaping and yardwork are a joy for many, a great way to accomplish something important, but also an opportunity to get up from our desks, get outside and do some good old fashioned work. I like work. But, honestly, I don’t like weeding. Even with my relatively high level of fitness, the sustained forward bending of weeding, the repeated pulling and digging, has taken its toll on me in the past. Last year, after weeding, I experienced very bad back pain that lasted close to 6 weeks. Statistically, I was not alone. 80% of us will experience significant back pain at some point in […]

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Side view of an annoyed young woman with weight scale over white

Is The Scale Your Friend Or Foe?

I admit, I have spent a good part of the last 35 years wishing I weighed less. It didn’t matter whether people told me I looked fine, that I was “all muscle”, that I wore my weight well, it wasn’t enough. I always wanted to weigh 5-10 pounds less. Despite the fact that I was an avid runner in my 20’s, taught 7-9 aerobics classes a week in my 30’s and 40’s, and began heavy weight training in my 50’s, I still thought I needed to lose more body fat. Luckily, I have good self-esteem, eat well and love to exercise, so my dream of weighing less never pushed me towards many of the unhealthy behaviors others engaged in. And, […]

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Healthy diet, protein shakes, sport

Are Shakes Healthy For You?

Everyone is talking about “shakes”. Many supplement and diet companies advertise shakes as a miracle weight loss tool, while others take protein shakes to fuel muscle building, or as a convenient, quick, meal. Shakes of all kinds: protein, veggie or fruit smoothies, senior nutrition shakes, are available at the corner market. But many people use these shakes inappropriately, either because of lack of knowledge or merely due to good marketing by the supplement industry. So what exactly can “shakes” do for us? First of all, shakes are calories in. Nothing more. Drinking a shake of any kind does not by itself cause weight/fat loss. Even those shakes which are filled with herbal supplements or other vitamins and minerals don’t create […]

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Diet Decision

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature And Neither Can Your Starvation Diet.

I’m a biology geek. I especially like human physiology. When I think of the intricacy and infinite complexity of how the human body works in perfect unison, it blows my mind. I’ll spare you the really geeky stuff, but let’s talk a bit about physiology in relationship to exercise and weight loss, things that matter to all of us. There are so many cool and amazing things about our bodies that we never think of, but that play a big role in our understanding, or not….. of the science of fitness, weight loss and nutrition. The epidemic of quick weight loss schemes is a perfect example of how we have ignored human physiology and evolutionary adaptation. 80-90% of quick weight […]

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Side view of an annoyed young woman with weight scale over white

Why Do You Exercise?

Before you come up with the “easy” answer, think more about it. It’s important, because why you exercise may have more to do with your success than what you do for exercise. Be truthful with yourself when asking this question. Do you exercise only to lose weight and body fat? To transform your body? To look like the fitness models on the weight loss infomercials? Any other reasons? For those of you who don’t exercise enough, still consider the question. Is the answer the same as the answers above? I’m curious. I’m curious because, after training clients for over 15 years, and working in the health and fitness field for 29 years, I’ve seen a very consistent and common pattern. […]

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A Goal Without a Plan Is Just A Wish sign with a desert background

Do You Have A Plan Of Action?

When you head to the gym, or outside for a workout, do you have a plan of action? Or do you just do what you always have done? Or, do you just do what others do, or things you’ve seen on the internet, without thinking of your personal needs? Unless you have a specific training plan, with realistic goals for this plan, then you’re just spinning your wheels. Going nowhere. Getting no results. And, even worse, you may be dramatically increasing your risk of injury from exercise. That’s a sure way to go backwards quickly. Over the last several months, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many gyms on vacation as well as for various workshops I’ve presented. It’s […]

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Introducing The Getting Golf Ready Golf Fitness Program

   Yes, spring is here. I think. Well, sort of….. or, maybe not quite yet….. But, there is no question it is coming soon, and we’ll all be out on the sunny, lush golf courses we love within weeks! While it is disappointing to have such a long hard winter and late spring, looking on the bright side, we now have even more time to prepare for the season! Here’s the check list I think about when golf season begins- • Golf lessons. Check. • Update golf clubs. Check. • Join a golf league. Check. • Head to the range. Check • Get to the gym to continue “Getting Golf Ready”. Check. How about you? Is your check list complete? […]

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Pain In The Female Calf Muscle, Pain Area Of Red Color

Self Myofascial Release- The Most Important Self Care Tool Ever

OK, so maybe I exaggerated a bit. Maybe not. But, you get my message, right? Self- Myofascial Release, (SMR), aka foam rolling, stick rolling, ball rolling and more, is truly a miracle technique for softening chronically tight tissue, decreasing serious chronic pain, and improving fitness and sports performance. Through my workshops and fitness lectures, I have discovered that most gym-based fitness enthusiasts know nothing about foam rolling, and if they do see others doing it, they discard it as a waste of time. And yet, all high level athletes and fitness professionals see it as a no brainer, a total necessity. This article hopes to bridge that gap and bring to you a tool that will significantly improve your life. […]

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There's always something new to learn!

10 Fitness and Nutrition Facts To Know And Tell

Here’s some quick fun facts to consider: Proper exercise reduces chronic back pain as well as all other forms of treatment. More importantly, unlike pills or creams, proper exercise prevents further reoccurences of back pain. Eating foods with high cholesterol does not cause high cholesterol. This fact will now be considered as part of the ADA’s dietary recommendations. Mainstream nutritionists and their governing bodies have finally caught up with the rest of the nutrition research world. 4 out of 5 herbal supplements purchased at big box stores and pharmacies contained NONE of the herbs they claimed to contain. I wonder about the rest of the supplements and vitamins? Daily positive self-affirmations increase neural activity in the brain, releasing “feel good” […]

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Strength Training Renegade Row

A Treatise on Strength Training

Are You Strong? Of all the things I educate people on, strength training is the most misunderstood aspect of fitness. While I think most people understand that strength is important for all of us, there is still much confusion about what improves strength, what does not, what exercises count as strength training, what do not. I’d like to clarify this and give some specific advice about getting strong. First- let’s just review what strength training does for you. Decades of great research and practical application demonstrates that: Strength is essential for the aging adult. Strength training improves leanness and physical appearance, more effectively than cardio. Strength training combats osteoporosis and improves posture. Strength training improves performance for all sports- running, […]

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