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10 Fitness and Nutrition Facts To Know And Tell

Here’s some quick fun facts to consider: Proper exercise reduces chronic back pain as well as all other forms of treatment. More importantly, unlike pills or creams, proper exercise prevents further reoccurences of back pain. Eating foods with high cholesterol does not cause high cholesterol. This fact will now be considered as part of the ADA’s dietary recommendations. Mainstream nutritionists and their governing bodies have finally caught up with the rest of the nutrition research world. 4 out of 5 herbal supplements purchased at big box stores and pharmacies contained NONE of the herbs they claimed to contain. I wonder about the rest of the supplements and vitamins? Daily positive self-affirmations increase neural activity in the brain, releasing “feel good” […]

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Strength Training Renegade Row

A Treatise on Strength Training

Are You Strong? Of all the things I educate people on, strength training is the most misunderstood aspect of fitness. While I think most people understand that strength is important for all of us, there is still much confusion about what improves strength, what does not, what exercises count as strength training, what do not. I’d like to clarify this and give some specific advice about getting strong. First- let’s just review what strength training does for you. Decades of great research and practical application demonstrates that: Strength is essential for the aging adult. Strength training improves leanness and physical appearance, more effectively than cardio. Strength training combats osteoporosis and improves posture. Strength training improves performance for all sports- running, […]

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Aha Moment on Red Road Sign.

5 Nutrition “Aha” Moments

Weeks ago, I tweeted “Don’t let the arrggghh’s outweigh the aha’s”- and I’ve been thinking about “aha moments” ever since. “Aha” moments are not the same as “Eureka” moments. “Eureka” is about a new discovery, the solution to a problem, an amazing surprise. I define “aha” moments as those moments of self- awareness or self- realization when a mundane occurrence or thought suddenly has new meaning or new significance. I seem to get these more and more often, maybe because I am continuing to work on my own awareness and ability to be present, or maybe because I am always open to learning something new, even if it is painfully about myself! My “Aha” moments may seem silly, coming from […]

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breaking bad habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Ahhhh. New Years…. I can feel the excitement beginning! New goals! New habits! A New You! If it were only that easy. We wake up on New Year’s Day overfed and hung-over, and vow to change. We make resolutions and promises under duress, and then think they will stick around all year. Not smart, not thoughtful. I’m trying to change that for myself. I’d like to help you change that repeated error as well. To that end, I’ve been thinking a lot about bad habits. Why do we adopt them in the first place? How can we change them? Can they be changed permanently? This is truly the heart of making behavioral changes for the good, and an issue we […]

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I Have The Best Job In The World

Happy Holidays! I feel extremely lucky to have a job where I get to converse, meet, coach, advise and help such a wonderful group of people. To spend time with forward thinking, growth embracing people like you makes my job a true joy. Thank you for your business and your friendship.  I hope we can continue our fitness journey together and create the 2015 we most desire! Have a wonderful holidays filled with fun and self care. Best in health, Kathy

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Self Developement Concept

It’s All About The Comeback

We’ve all heard the saying ‘”If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. But I’d like to add a second piece to that…. “Plan for failure”. I know it sounds negative, but it is more about reality than negativity, especially when it comes to long term planning and goal setting around nutrition and exercise. For example, if having a lovely glass of wine or a holiday cookie is something you truly enjoy, but you are actively decreasing these treats to keep weight off during the holidays, do you actually think you’ll have no wine or cookies at all over the holidays? Really? Not one glass?  Not one cookie? Mmmmm…  Doesn’t seem too realistic. And, if you do overindulge, […]

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Set Your Intentions Before You Set Your Thanksgiving Table

And so it begins. The eating season. Even though every year I come to this point of the season promising myself I won’t gain weight this time, I still end up gaining weight! It’s worrisome, because this kind of weight gain seems small and innocuous enough, but, in reality, research has shown that it’s this same weight that we keep on for the whole next year…only to add 2 or 3 more pounds next holiday season! Holiday weight gain is not nearly as innocent as we want to think it is.  Think about gaining 2 or 3 pounds every holiday season for a decade, added to other weight gain from aging or lack of exercise, and we can easily find […]

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Heart Rate Monitor

Does Fitness Technology Equal Fitness Sucess?

I get asked all the time about what I think of high tech gadgets, exercise monitors, phone apps and more. While I think that all of these tools can create support and accountability for users, I always still wonder, does this translate into improved success? I’m not so sure they do. Some of the fittest people I know use no fitness tracking at all, while some of the least fit people I know use every tech gadget available.

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Banish the All or Nothing Mindset

The “All or Nothing” mentality is a damaging mindset when it comes to getting fit and making positive changes towards a healthier life. (The only mindset more damaging- “Nothing or Nothing”- in other words, never caring enough to even try) Many of us exhibit this mentality and have suffered greatly from it. The “All or Nothing” attitude often results in overuse injuries and an unsustainability of a fitness regimen. This prevents us from being successful, and more importantly, from feeling successful.

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