Back Exercises

Lower Back

Back Hyperextension with Physio Ball

Deadlift – Barbells

Modified Cobra

Plank Hold

Prone Superman

Side Plank Hold

Mid-Upper Back

Kneeling Dumbbell Single Arm Row

Lat Pull Down – Cable Pulley

Lat Pull Down with Elastic Tubing

Lying Pullover – Dumbbells


Reverse Flye

Rolling Lat Pull – Physio Ball

Seated Row with Cable Pulley

Seated Row with Elastic Tubing

Standing Row with Elastic Tubing

Straight Arm Pulldown – Cable Pulley

Straight Arm Pulldown – Elastic Tubing

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As a long distance and marathon runner, I always felt in good shape. But, I was overweight and continually getting injured. I knew something was missing from my exercise regimen.… “Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker”

Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker