Calcium/Dairy Products Aid Weight Loss

Many dieters give up dairy products like milk and cheese thinking the fat content is inappropriate for a sound weight loss regimen. In addition, adult women and men, in general, neglect drinking milk, thinking “it’s just for kids”. However, several recently published research studies have shown a link between consumption of dairy products and successful weight loss.

Overweight adults on a reduced calorie diet that included at least 3 servings of dairy products lost more weight than those on similar diets with minimal dairy consumption. While the exact reason is not clear yet, there are many reasons drinking milk and eating dairy is appropriate for dieters. Preliminary data indicates that calcium may play a role in the way the body burns fat. In addition, dairy products like skim/lowfat milk and cottage cheese are high in protein, an essential nutrient for healthy weight loss and exercise, while at the same time are low in fat. Yes, there are dairy products that are less than perfect; most yogurts, for example, are high in sugar, so it is necessary to avoid these products. Whole milk is inappropriate for most adults-unless you are underweight! Cheese itself is very high in fat, but also high in flavor, and many dieters lose motivation to diet when foods become boring. So, adding small amounts of cheese to the diet adds excitement to the tastebuds, as well as fats, which fill us up. If you are concerned about hormones and additives in milk, try organic milks. If you are lactose intolerant, there are many excellent products which can substitute for standard milk products- so try them all! Once again, our beliefs about proper nutrition are shifting- so the best advice is to keep informed, avoid fad diets and seek professional advice when necessary.