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Athletic woman touching her back muscles by injury

4 Affordable Tools to Help Ease Your Back Pain

After experiencing some serious back issues for close to 2 years, I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to easing my back and hip pain. From medications, to physical therapy, to stretching, to dry needling, to meditation to massage to changing to a standing desk.… well, you get it. I’ve done a lot. While some therapies and modalities are expensive, you have other choices too. There are lots of things you can do for yourself that are simple and low cost and that can make a big difference in your chronic aches and pains. It is essential that YOU take control of your low back pain, as there is rarely a quick fix. No one can “fix” you until you […]

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Random Musings about Fitness Wear

I’ve had a lot of time to think about fitness wear. I’ve been buying it and wearing it daily for close to 30 years. Heck, I’ve been wearing workout gear since my mid teens when playing sports in high school and college. Back then, “fitness gear” was an old t shirt and some joggers, or those sweat pants with elastic at the bottom. But I had these cool Nike swoop leather sneakers… white with a red swoop.   That started my addiction.  I’ve gone through lots of different fads and phases. I was a runner for many years in the 70’s and 80’s, so in addition to my cool Nikes, I had short shorts…the shorter the better. Next was the […]

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Tools of the Trade - The Best Equipment for At-Home Fitness

Tools of the Trade – The Best Equipment for At-Home Fitness

While gyms and fitness centers remain a gold standard for those looking to get fit and stay fit, a surprising number of Americans are turning to at-home fitness programs to replace or supplement their gym workouts. At Personal Best Personal Training, 80% of my clients workout solely at home, and another 10% workout at home as well as the gym. The clients who choose to workout at home site the time saving efficiency of working out at home as the primary reason for their choice. Not having to drive to a gym, wait in line for equipment, shower in the locker room and then drive home, saves at least an hour each day-precious time for busy stay-at-home moms or high […]

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Self Compassion Breeds Success in Getting Healthy

I have often been accused of being too nice to my clients! Such a problem! But, my feeling has always been that  guilt and self flagellation only produce feelings of worthlessness, not feelings of motivation. When you tell yourself that you are bad because you ate a cookie, or ugly because you are overweight, these words only create feelings of worthlessness. And, when you feel worthless, you are  telling yourself that you are not WORTHY of treating yourself well, or taking time for self care, or eating right and exercising consistently. Many of my clients  have bought into the stereotype that a good trainer screams and yells and berates their clients…that this somehow will be motivating to them. This is one reason […]

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Shape-Ups Should Ship Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day and all of Hudson was out walking. This is a good thing- like many communities, Hudson is struggling with obesity among its residents. But, I was very surprised to see how many people were sporting the new “Shape-Ups” sneakers that have been advertised so much over the last few months. So- WARNING! WARNING! Rant and rave begins here…….. The commercials for Shape-Ups, Masai Barefoot Technology, or any other mimic of these shoes are downright misleading. Do you really think that the 18 year old, 5’9 ,110 pound model wearing these shoes got her butt and legs from wearing Shape-Ups? Of course not. Do you really think that these sneakers will produce the same results as […]

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7 Treadmill Do’s and Dont’s

A treadmill is a great investment, especially here in the northeast where weather can prevent us from getting outside for exercise. While it may seem simple to walk on a treadmill, I am constantly surprised by what I see at the many gyms I visit through my work. I have seen people running on treadmills while holding on, people using 10 pound hand weights- but leaving their arms at their sides. I’ve seen people using ankle weights, performing bizarre arm movements and lots and lots of reading while on a treadmill. Then, of course, there are the walkers who are going at a pace so slow that even your grandmother could beat them. So, I guess it’s not as simple […]

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Ease Chronic Pain and Improve Exercise Performance with Self -Massage

Foam rollers are a “new” self massage tool that, in my opinion, are an absolutely essential part of any workout. Foam rollers, tennis balls, massage sticks and other devices can be used to roll and knead tight, overused muscles and fascia to soften the tissue and prepare it for exercise, or soften the tissue to release unnecessary tightness and painful trigger points from sedentary posture. Muscles/tendons and fascia that are abnormally tight can cause the joints to become misaligned and function improperly, eventually resulting in chronic pain. Self- massage techniques are also called Myofascial Release Techniques. (Fascia is a translucent connective tissue which winds around muscles and if wound too tight, can cause pain and dysfunction). All athletes, from runners to […]

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Core Exercises – Dead Bug

Welcome to my first attempt at uploading video to my blog! This exercise, adapted from physical therapy, is great for people who are not sure how to activate their transverse abdominus muscle.  Through a deep exhale, and brief posterior pelvic tilt, (also activating internal obliques), most will finally feel the TA and surrounding muscles contract. While this is not optimal for spinal/core stability itself, it can be used as an inital tool to create the sensation of activation that many people are unable to feel. I prefer the use of planks, side bridges, “”Palloff” presses and stability ball rollouts for true spinal stabilization. Watch for these exercises soon! [youtube]rH8vJkqjeh0[/youtube]

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Tools of the Trade- Great At Home Exercise Tools

While reading The Boston Globe, I came across a great nutritional tool that I wanted to share with you. I have just ordered it myself and will let you know how it works- but until then,.. It is called “The Weigh of Life” and it is a computerized scale that tells you EXACTLY how many calories are in the food you are about to eat. Just place the food (one type- i.e. spaghetti with red sauce) on the scale and punch in the code for that food (there are over 1000 foods and liquids in the database) and it weighs it and calculates calories too!!! While I do not advocate obsessive food weighing-this takes all the guess work out of […]

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