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5 Easily Fixable Golf Fitness Mistakes

Golf can be a long lasting, enjoyable recreational sport if you can stay healthy enough to play well and without pain.  But many golfers find their game deteriorates with age and they often have annoying pain during or after golf.  Neither of these things need to be a given. With some common sense and a few golf fitness rules, you can greatly improve your performance and enjoyment of the game. If you are not a golfer, pass this along, or, consider how these sensible tips can be applied to your favorite workout or sport? Here’s my top 5 golf fitness mistakes, and how to fix them, to get you started on the right note for the  golf season: Skipping a […]

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Introducing The Getting Golf Ready Golf Fitness Program

   Yes, spring is here. I think. Well, sort of….. or, maybe not quite yet….. But, there is no question it is coming soon, and we’ll all be out on the sunny, lush golf courses we love within weeks! While it is disappointing to have such a long hard winter and late spring, looking on the bright side, we now have even more time to prepare for the season! Here’s the check list I think about when golf season begins- • Golf lessons. Check. • Update golf clubs. Check. • Join a golf league. Check. • Head to the range. Check • Get to the gym to continue “Getting Golf Ready”. Check. How about you? Is your check list complete? […]

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Can You Be TOO Flexible?

I was asked by one of my clients the other day- Can I be too flexible?  I suppose if she was a circus performer, maybe no, but for us regular folks- absolutely!  Often, being too flexible creates more physical problems than being too tight. When the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body do not have the tension- i.e. strength – to hold the bones in proper alignment, you can get in real trouble.   There are many more hyper-flexible women than men. This may be partly because women typically did not perform strength training as a population until recently-20 years or so- and that would’ve helped to balance out our flexibility. But mostly, it‘s because, genetically, we are more flexible […]

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Healthy Back, Healthy Living

How to improve your posture, decrease chronic pain and lower your golf score! There’s an epidemic sweeping across America and it’s not the one you think. Yes, Americans are more sedentary than ever and, yes, this is leading to massive problems with obesity and the diseases related to obesity like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. But our sedentary lifestyles of sitting at computers all day, driving for hours and then collapsing on the couch at night due to our hectic “do it all” schedules, have created a secondary epidemic of poor posture, chronic aches and pains and weak and injured backs. As a former health club owner and fitness instructor, and now yoga instructor and personal […]

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Golf Conditioning – Preventing injury and improving your game

Sports performance conditioning is one of the fastest growing aspects of the exercise and fitness industry. Athletes from high school age to professionals are experiencing tremendous improvement in skills and a dramatic reduction in injury rate by training their bodies with exercises that mimic the movements that are specific to their individual sport. Clearly, soccer is vastly different from wrestling, running cross country track is different than field hockey, and tennis players move differently than gymnasts. Even golf, long associated with overweight men riding golf carts, has experienced a tremendous evolution. Players hit the ball longer and harder, and although this is partly related to improved equipment, most professionals employ trainers and fitness experts to help them maximize their potential. […]

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Yoga for Golfers – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Weighing in on the benefits and the risks Yoga has become the “workout fad” of the decade. Along with Pilates, it is touted as a “miracle” workout, guaranteed to lean you out, zone you out and promote all kinds of strength, while enhancing flexibility enough to make a pretzel jealous. But as fitness trainers and coaches know, this kind of hype needs to be backed up with science and safety. Many trainers avoid Yoga completely, labeling it as a recipe for injury – and they are correct to a large degree. Many Yoga classes do not provide the correct type of stimulus for our goals. They either contain all flexibility work, which can, in the long run, produce hypermobility and […]

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Tiger Woods, Your Hips, and The X factor

Boy, talk about double entendre! You’ve seen my previous posts about Tiger; how I personally feel he failed all of us, especially his family and himself, so I won’t go on here about that topic! To me, his apology seemed sincere, but only time will tell. So I’d like to get back to what makes Tiger most famous, besides his voracious appetite for sex- Golf! One of the things that makes Tiger Woods’ golf swing so amazing is his ability to rotate his hips on the downswing to insure lots of power at ball strike. Transferring weight from the ground, up through the hips, and into the clubface, is all about hip rotation. As you know, I am not a […]

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