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Pain In The Female Calf Muscle, Pain Area Of Red Color

My Perspective on Pain

America is in pain. Chronic pain, migraine pain, arthritis pain, mental pain, emotional pain, financial pain, stress pain, joint pain, abdominal pain. You name it, we’re in deep. Proof: 1 in 5 Americans use opiates regularly for pain. (Congratulations to the marketing departments at Big Pharma!) 1 in 5 Americans have serious anxiety or other mental health issues. We are not dealing well with our pain. Pain is a hot topic right now. Between the opiate epidemic, the aging of a generation of baby boomers, and the mis-management of athletic injuries, not a day goes by without a significant research study or news story about our pain. You’d think we could manage better with all of this information? But our […]

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“Today’s Superwoman” is a Tool for Creating a Happy, Fulfilled Life

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  – Anais Nin This quote started my journey towards self-care, self-improvement and a happier, more fulfilled life. It has started many others journeys as well.  It is the quote that begins our book “Today’s Superwoman- What to Do When Your Cape is at the Cleaners”. Have you started your journey yet? Many people, most people, have a deep rooted desire for self-improvement. Some move forward easily in this journey, while others have a hard time getting started. Either way, it is possible for all of us to create the happy, fulfilled life we desire.  It is part […]

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Self Developement Concept

It’s All About The Comeback

We’ve all heard the saying ‘”If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. But I’d like to add a second piece to that…. “Plan for failure”. I know it sounds negative, but it is more about reality than negativity, especially when it comes to long term planning and goal setting around nutrition and exercise. For example, if having a lovely glass of wine or a holiday cookie is something you truly enjoy, but you are actively decreasing these treats to keep weight off during the holidays, do you actually think you’ll have no wine or cookies at all over the holidays? Really? Not one glass?  Not one cookie? Mmmmm…  Doesn’t seem too realistic. And, if you do overindulge, […]

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Heart Rate Monitor

Does Fitness Technology Equal Fitness Sucess?

I get asked all the time about what I think of high tech gadgets, exercise monitors, phone apps and more. While I think that all of these tools can create support and accountability for users, I always still wonder, does this translate into improved success? I’m not so sure they do. Some of the fittest people I know use no fitness tracking at all, while some of the least fit people I know use every tech gadget available.

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Banish the All or Nothing Mindset

The “All or Nothing” mentality is a damaging mindset when it comes to getting fit and making positive changes towards a healthier life. (The only mindset more damaging- “Nothing or Nothing”- in other words, never caring enough to even try) Many of us exhibit this mentality and have suffered greatly from it. The “All or Nothing” attitude often results in overuse injuries and an unsustainability of a fitness regimen. This prevents us from being successful, and more importantly, from feeling successful.

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The 5 Easiest Things You Can Do For Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Most people make overly challenging resolutions that have not been thought through or planned at all. When they fail after just a few short months, they exclaim sadly “ I give up!- I can never lose weight!” This then lets them off the hook entirely for another full year when….. guess what? It’s New Year’s again! Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Sound familiar? I have NEVER…… let me repeat, NEVER met anyone who has “tried everything” and still can’t lose weight. What this usually means is that they tried some crappy diet or exercise regimen that was just […]

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Random Musings as we approach the New Year

A few things I have been thinking about…. I hate New Year’s resolutions. They are made after a period of overindulgence, overeating and overdrinking. They are often spur of the moment, made without planning or thought. It’s easy to say ” I’ll never have cookies again” when you’ve just had 5 cookies a day for two weeks. Your tank is still full- and it’s hard to imagine it being empty and deprived, so you make the promise. The hard work comes later-three months from now, or sooner, after the honeymoon period, when you survived on willpower alone. So- if you are going to make a resolution- do the real work. The planning, the strategizing, the support systems, all must be in place for when willpower- which has […]

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Instant Gratification: Tiger Woods, The Marshmallow Test and Your Diet

“Instant Gratification”. Whether it’s Tiger Woods and sex, Oprah Winfrey and potato chips, or me and shopping, it’s something that all of us as human beings will struggle with in some way during our lives. The need for “Instant Gratification” is one of the primary reasons that diets fail. First, we are led to believe by the diet /weight loss and supplement industry that “instant” weight loss is possible. “The Hollywood Cleanse – lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days!” “The Belly Blasting Belt- lose 3 inches off your waist in the first week- with no exercise!” This is all crap. It’s one of the biggest reasons I don’t like Biggest Loser. It allows people to fantasize about weight […]

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What Do You Do When You Hate Exercise

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from  potential new clients, as well as family and friends!  It’s not a good sign. I can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do- or at least see the value in, but, to be up front, what I say to those of you who hate exercise- tough luck! Exercise is NOT an option any longer. It is as essential as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, and the first step is to convince yourself of this true fact.  Why is exercise now a necessity? Well, our lives have changed dramatically over the last 150 years since we have become an industrialized nation. Compared to even 60 years ago, we hardly move. In  […]

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