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I Have The Best Job In The World

Happy Holidays! I feel extremely lucky to have a job where I get to converse, meet, coach, advise and help such a wonderful group of people. To spend time with forward thinking, growth embracing people like you makes my job a true joy. Thank you for your business and your friendship.  I hope we can continue our fitness journey together and create the 2015 we most desire! Have a wonderful holidays filled with fun and self care. Best in health, Kathy

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It’s All About The Comeback

We’ve all heard the saying ‘”If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. But I’d like to add a second piece to that…. “Plan for failure”. I know it sounds negative, but it is more about reality than negativity, especially when it comes to long term planning and goal setting around nutrition and exercise. For example, if having a lovely glass of wine or a holiday cookie is something you truly enjoy, but you are actively decreasing these treats to keep weight off during the holidays, do you actually think you’ll have no wine or cookies at all over the holidays? Really? Not one glass?  Not one cookie? Mmmmm…  Doesn’t seem too realistic. And, if you do overindulge, […]

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Heart Rate Monitor

Does Fitness Technology Equal Fitness Sucess?

I get asked all the time about what I think of high tech gadgets, exercise monitors, phone apps and more. While I think that all of these tools can create support and accountability for users, I always still wonder, does this translate into improved success? I’m not so sure they do. Some of the fittest people I know use no fitness tracking at all, while some of the least fit people I know use every tech gadget available.

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The 10 Things YOU MUST KNOW Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal Training has become the fastest growing aspect of the fitness industry. Much of this is due to the hectic nature of our lives today. We have little time to ourselves, and we need convenience, efficiency and safety in our workouts. Personal Trainers are the ideal professional to help create and monitor exercise programs, but how do you know that the trainer you hire is qualified and experienced? How do you know that the relationship between you and your trainer will be the right one for you? Before you hire a trainer, make sure that you have all the answers to these 10 compelling questions: 1. Is the personal trainer certified or does he/she have a college degree in a […]

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What Your Daughter and Malia Obama Have in Common

Mmm. Intriguing title isn’t it? Can you think of one thing both young ladies may have in common? Of course your daughter and Malia are great kids, getting older, becoming teens, playing sports. But, aside from this, can you guess? No? Well, suprisingly, it is a high risk for knee injury during sports. Last week, I was watching video of Malia and her family disembarking from a helicopter at The White House. As Malia was descending the stairs, her left knee caved in on each stair. This is called “medial deviation” and is a sure sign that Malia’s knees are not “prime time” ready. As a strength and conditioning coach, and a high school sports coach, I see knees like […]

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Fall- The Perfect Time For Goal Setting

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. To me, it signals a new start, a new season, the end of the lazy days of summer. Cool crisp air, beautiful foliage, fresh pencils, organized notebooks, new school clothes! These are the things I think of when I think of fall! Summer can be a time of vacations and overindulgences, which are welcome after the long winter, but summer can also be a time of too much sun, too much food and drink and lots of lazing around at the beach.  I feel we are so lucky to have the seasons here in Massachusetts, as each season can end, and a new season can start, giving us opportunities for change and […]

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Complete Abdominal Training- It’s not about crunches!

When most fitness enthusiasts think of training the abdominal muscles- part of the “core”, they automatically think about crunches, the old standby. However, exercise physiologists and most knowledgeable personal trainers know that crunches are NOT the best, nor safest way, to train the abdominals. First and foremost- a reminder- abdominal exercises DO NOT burn the fat over the abdominal area. ANY infomercial or product that claims to do so is lying. You can not spot reduce any body part- abs or otherwise. To lose fat over the torso/waist area, you must eat well and expend more calories in activity than you take in for nutrition. The End.  A “six pack”, unachievable for 90% of us, is ONLY due to leanness. […]

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Training For Balance- Getting Through Winter Safely

Winter is upon us, and this has been a particularly wicked winter for ice and snow. Perhaps you have already had some falls or slips, or near misses, if you are lucky? While this seems like a hazard of the season, it is not a foregone conclusion. With some consistency and dedication, you could improve your balance and stability within just several weeks of time! When most of us think of fitness, we may not think of balance as something we can train, but rest assured, it is very trainable! Balance can be improved with simple practice and some core stability training. For example: Take a few minutes every day to practice standing on one leg. Challenge yourself- if you […]

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