Client Testimonials

As a long distance and marathon runner, I always felt in good shape. But, I was overweight and continually getting injured. I knew something was missing from my exercise regimen.

Kathy evaluated my flexibility and strength and helped me balance out my fitness program. Through my work with Kathy, I realized my eating habits were very poor, and Kathy encouraged me to see a nutritionist. I have lost 40 pounds since starting with Kathy and I’m looking forward to a year without pain and injury!

Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker

I began working with Kathy for fitness purposes and to figure out what areas needed work that I wasn’t already getting in my kickboxing class. Kathy pointed out areas on my body that were tight and that not only could cause pain and injury over time, but also would prohibit me from hitting a golf ball to my potential. As a long time golfer, I was getting very frustrated with loss of distance and, working with Kathy enabled me to understand what I needed to do to get back on track. So, although Kathy takes a holistic view of your fitness for everyone she works with, for those of us who golf, her ability to pinpoint areas of the body that affect your golf swing and evaluate conditioning for golf is an added bonus.

Debra M., Women's Club Champion

At my yearly physical, my doctor told me if I did not lose weight and begin exercising I would soon become diabetic. I had never exercised and didn’t know where to start. Kathy helped me to safely begin an exercise routine.

Now, my blood pressure is down, my sugars are normal and I’ve lost 16 pounds. Most importantly, I love exercise and have made it a part of my life.

Ed, 64, CFO

Iceland Rock ClimbingI have just returned from a hiking vacation in Iceland and I know I couldn’t have done it without the training I did with Kathy. My vacation was made so enjoyable by the fact that I could participate in all physical aspects of the trip.

Judy, 61, retired teacher

Wow, a breakthrough moment! All of the golf instruction, articles, videos, etc. equate to paralysis through over analysis. Your explanation/statement of – on the backswing shoulders rotate and hips are still, hips start the downswing & the shoulders trail – made the connection for me. Thank you! Your videos are definitely helping my swing by providing an understanding of how the different parts of our bodies impact our swing. Thank you for the videos, you’re doing a great job!

Patty F.

When I first became a client of Kathy Ekdahl, I was recovering from a rare illness which had left me weak, frail and underweight. As I had several health issues to deal with, I didn’t know how to strengthen myself without hurting myself. Kathy tailored a home program for me.

It has now been a year since my personal training program. Such a difference in what I was a year ago. I am confident and stable on my feet, am stronger, have regained 20 pounds – mostly muscle, and have no fear of falling/breaking bones. I feel like I have been given a new life.

Kathy P., 50

After having my first baby, I was unhappy and depressed. Kathy has helped me realize how therapeutic exercise can be. Without Kathy, I could not have fit exercise into my life.

I now look forward to spending “my hour” to take care of me. The time I’ve spent losing inches and pounds has truly changed my life and I’m a better mom and wife because of it.

Rachel, 29, scientist

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I have just returned from a hiking vacation in Iceland and I know I couldn’t have done it without the training I did with Kathy. My vacation was made so… “Judy, 61, retired teacher”

Judy, 61, retired teacher

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