Getting Golf Ready – An Introduction to Golf Fitness and Yoga for Golf

As many of you may know, I have been working on an ebook on golf fitness for quite awhile. It has been a challenge fitting it in between clients, coaching and family life, but with the help of Pat Mullaly of Golf Gurls,, it’s finally done!

What started as a short article on the importance of fitness for golf, turned into “Getting Golf Ready – An Introduction to Golf Fitness and Yoga for Golf,” a 100 page ebook with photos, golf specific exercises, golf drills, fitness tips, and more.

What is completely unique about this book is that it allows the golfer to evaluate their own golf fitness with a series of tests and assessments created specifically for the golfer. The results of the assessments steer you in the right fitness direction, whether it is towards better flexibility, or a stronger core, or both! The assessments also help you discover your weaknesses, i.e. the areas of your body most likely to get injured from golf…. invaluable information!

Here’s what one satisfied customer said about “Getting Golf Ready”:

Wow, a breakthrough moment! All of the golf instruction, articles, videos, etc. equate to paralysis through over analysis. Your explanation/statement of – on the backswing shoulders rotate and hips are still, hips start the downswing & the shoulders trail – made the connection for me. Thank you! Your videos are definitely helping my swing by providing an understanding of how the different parts of our bodies impact our swing. Thank you for the videos, you’re doing a great job!

Patty F.

Since becoming a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, I have worked with many men and women golfers, from professionals to competitive amateurs to weekend warriors. The goal is all the same- to improve your score, get better distance with your clubs, and decrease injuries and pain from golf. This all results in more fun. Isn't this what we all want?

If you want to continue to get better at golf each year, instead of worse, if you want to drive the ball farther this year than last, or just walk the course with more energy, then “Getting Golf Ready” is for you! You can purchase 'Getting Golf Ready- An Introduction to Golf Fitness and Yoga for Golf" on Amazon.

Getting Golf Ready

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