Top 5 Exercises for Great Golf

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The golf swing is a complex and unnatural swing for many people. Unlike tennis or baseball, where you have the luxury of moving the feet and body to position yourself tostrike the ball, the golf swing necessitates detailed attention to the sequencing of your body’smovements for best ball striking. Years of research on the optimal …

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5 Easily Fixable Golf Fitness Mistakes

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Golf can be a long lasting, enjoyable recreational sport if you can stay healthy enough to play well and without pain.  But many golfers find their game deteriorates with age and they often have annoying pain during or after golf.  Neither of these things need to be a given. With some common sense and a …

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Can You Be TOO Flexible?

I was asked by one of my clients the other day- Can I be too flexible?  I suppose if she was a circus performer, maybe no, but for us regular folks- absolutely!  Often, being too flexible creates more physical problems than being too tight. When the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body do not have …

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Healthy Back, Healthy Living

How to improve your posture, decrease chronic pain and lower your golf score! There’s an epidemic sweeping across America and it’s not the one you think. Yes, Americans are more sedentary than ever and, yes, this is leading to massive problems with obesity and the diseases related to obesity like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, …

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Tiger Woods, Your Hips, and The X factor

Boy, talk about double entendre! You’ve seen my previous posts about Tiger; how I personally feel he failed all of us, especially his family and himself, so I won’t go on here about that topic! To me, his apology seemed sincere, but only time will tell. So I’d like to get back to what makes …

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