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The following health and wellness professionals are highly recommended by Personal Best Personal Training for their knowledge, customer service and professionalism. Many are local to the MetroWest area of Boston, Massachusetts.


Roger Lawson

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Personal Trainer Phone: (248) 320–0341

Roger Lawson II is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he received his bachelors degree in English Language and Literature. His passion for writing, teaching and helping others achieve their goals while improving their quality of life has led him to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Wanting to first ask of himself what he would ask of his clients, Roger transformed his body and mind over the course of six months, finishing as a runner up in Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating Program.

Roger recently completed a three month internship at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA under the guidance of Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore and Brian St.Pierre where he learned the fundamentals of proper coaching, professionalism and, above all, how much he doesn’t know. Nonetheless, he is committed to learning all that he can and using that knowledge to help the world at large. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Never.

Roger currently lives in Shrewsbury, MA and is a trainer at All Access Fitness Academy, also located in Shrewsbury. He is also flexible, willing to train clients at their homes or local gyms.


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