Holiday Health and Wellness Tips

The holidays can be a stressful time if you are in the midst of an exercise and wellness regimen. We feel guilty if we indulge in food and drink at holiday parties, and exercise time can be pushed aside to squeeze in shopping and social obligations. Three small and simple tips may help you get through the season without too much guilt or too much straying from your wellness program.

  • Something is better than nothing. If you find that you are busier than usual, you may not have time for your full daily workout. (Are you really busy- or is this just an excuse?) Do something anyway- even if it is only a few abdominal exercises or 15 minutes on the treadmill. This will keep exercise in your schedule and on your mind, and make it less likely that you will fall off the wagon completely.
  • Think positive. Instead of making negative threats about what will happen if you don’t exercise, think positive about the benefits of each exercise session. Instead of “If I don’t exercise I am going to gain weight”, think “I will feel more energized and accomplished after my workout today”.
  • Do not under eat during the day thinking you’ll save calories for the evening holiday party.

Research has proven that under eating during the day always leads to over eating at night. In fact, have a little something to quelch hunger prior to the party, and then you’ll head to the party with a clear mind, better able to make good choices.

Happy Holidays!