Lower Body – Hip and Leg Exercises

Glutes and Hamstrings

Barbell Squat

Deadlift – Barbells

Dumbbell Squatt

Forward Lunges

Forward Lunges with Medicine Ball

Hip Extension – Cable Pulley

Jump Squats

Jump Split Squats

Kneeling Hip Extension with Ankle Weight

Lateral Elastic Band Walk

Lateral Lunge

Lying Hamstring Curl with Ankle Weight

Reverse Lunges

Single Leg Squats

Split Squat

Supine Bridges

Triple Threat – Physio Ball

Vector Reach with Single Leg Squat

Wall Sits

Wall Squats with Physio Ball


Hip Abduction – Cable Pulley

Hip Adduction – Cable Pulley

Hip Extension – Cable Pulley

Lateral Elastic Bank Walk

Multi Hip – Elastic Tubing

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As a long distance and marathon runner, I always felt in good shape. But, I was overweight and continually getting injured. I knew something was missing from my exercise regimen.… “Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker”

Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker

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