Senior Has Back Pain Due To Heavy Load

Ice or Heat? Which is better and when?

I thought I knew. I’d followed the research regarding ice and the negatives of using it at the wrong time for the wrong injury. I was definitely biased against ice for pain relief. So, for over 9 months, I used heat for my back and glute pain. Sometimes it helped, but sometimes I wasn’t sure. But my bias was strong, so I persevered with the heat. It was not until I saw a new PT that she suggested icing my back and hip. “Light dawned on marble head” as the saying goes. The ice took my back pain down to almost zero. My sciatica also diminished.  Let’s say I was surprised at the least. I had been ASSUMING that my […]

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What is Your Nutrition Personality?

  It’s been quite a while since I sent out a blog. I have been thinking a lot about you! So, how ARE you doing? Are you keeping up your mental and physical health? I know it’s difficult during a pandemic. But if there’s anything we now know, it’s that we can better weather these kinds of storms when our mind and body are well. Keeping our mind and body well means healthy exercise, getting out in nature, engaging in practices that create a calm and aware mind like yoga and meditation, and fueling our body with necessary and healthy nutrients. I’ve been thinking about my own nutrition, as I definitely have been doing some emotional eating and comfort drinking. […]

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Fitness in the Time of Corona

How do we manage our health and fitness needs during the Covid -19 pandemic? What kinds of exercise should we prioritize? We are in unprecedented times.  This is unknown territory for the heart and soul, not to mention the mind and body. So, it is no surprise that many of us, myself included, are a bit disoriented and unsure of the  “new normal”.  Our new normal means we have lots of time, often with little to do, while, at the same time, we are filled with worry, stress and angst. Little is within our control externally. All we can do is control our reactions to our external world, which is clearly upside down right now.  This requires lots of mental […]

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Athletic woman touching her back muscles by injury

4 Affordable Tools to Help Ease Your Back Pain

After experiencing some serious back issues for close to 2 years, I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to easing my back and hip pain. From medications, to physical therapy, to stretching, to dry needling, to meditation to massage to changing to a standing desk.… well, you get it. I’ve done a lot. While some therapies and modalities are expensive, you have other choices too. There are lots of things you can do for yourself that are simple and low cost and that can make a big difference in your chronic aches and pains. It is essential that YOU take control of your low back pain, as there is rarely a quick fix. No one can “fix” you until you […]

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To Stretch or not to Stretch, that is the Question

Last week I had a couple client conversations that went like this: Client #1- I read that you are not supposed to stretch before your workout? That it could lead to injuries? Why are we stretching before our workout? Me:  Well, that’s a bit of a generalization of the research, but for YOU, since you are not doing heavy weight training or power or speed workouts, I think you are fine.  Client #2- I don’t want to do any unnatural movements when I stretch.  I don’t want to get injured. Me- What do you consider unnatural? Client #2- Anything that is a twisting motion. Me- But your body naturally twists in many different motions, even when walking. And a lack […]

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nike sneakers

Random Musings about Fitness Wear

I’ve had a lot of time to think about fitness wear. I’ve been buying it and wearing it daily for close to 30 years. Heck, I’ve been wearing workout gear since my mid teens when playing sports in high school and college. Back then, “fitness gear” was an old t shirt and some joggers, or those sweat pants with elastic at the bottom. But I had these cool Nike swoop leather sneakers… white with a red swoop.   That started my addiction.  I’ve gone through lots of different fads and phases. I was a runner for many years in the 70’s and 80’s, so in addition to my cool Nikes, I had short shorts…the shorter the better. Next was the […]

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Variation of hip flexor stretch

Unlocking Hip Tightness

File under: Hip flexors are a big deal. Whether you are an Average Joe fitness enthusiast, or one of my dedicated golfing clients, we all share a common lifestyle fault; we live in a time of excessive sitting. We sit for work. We sit at home watching TV. We drive our kids everywhere, and sit watching their sports or plays or music performances. We sit at the beach, in the movies, at dinner….. and it all adds up. For many people, excessive sitting leads to back and hip pain. So, what do we do? We stretch, right? The problem is, while many people are knowledgeable enough to stretch their hamstrings or thighs, they often miss the “key” to releasing the […]

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Pain In The Female Calf Muscle, Pain Area Of Red Color

Chronic Pain Stinks – Lessons Learned from 18 months of Pain and Dysfunction

Chronic pain stinks. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, plantar fasciitis or back pain, if you’ve experienced the unrelenting nature of chronic pain, you understand. I’ve been dealing with 18 months of chronic back and hip pain for the first time in my life.  Some days I can’t walk. Some nights I can’t sleep. I had to give up golf. I’m on hiatus from the gym.  Some days I feel great and then…. BOOM, it’s back.  I’m losing my mind.  But I’m lucky.  Unlike many people with chronic pain, I have lots of resources. I’m a trainer.  I know a great group of PT’s, MD’s, strength coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. They are all here to help.  I have the […]

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Important Things You Need to Know Before You Pick Up the Game of Golf

I love golf……. The beautiful landscape of the course……. The mental and physical challenge of accurately hitting a teeny tiny white ball…… The camaraderie of my golf partners…… The feeling of success when you play a hole just right……. Laughing, celebrating, reminiscing about great golf shots…… I love golf……. But, at the same time, I worry when I hear people say they want to start golfing to have “something fun to do in their later years”…… OH HELL NO!!  Do you know what you are getting yourself into? Are you prepared for the humiliation and frustration of hitting a ball sideways in front of an audience? Do you understand the excessive costs and time it takes to be a half-decent […]

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5 Easily Fixable Golf Fitness Mistakes

Golf can be a long lasting, enjoyable recreational sport if you can stay healthy enough to play well and without pain.  But many golfers find their game deteriorates with age and they often have annoying pain during or after golf.  Neither of these things need to be a given. With some common sense and a few golf fitness rules, you can greatly improve your performance and enjoyment of the game. If you are not a golfer, pass this along, or, consider how these sensible tips can be applied to your favorite workout or sport? Here’s my top 5 golf fitness mistakes, and how to fix them, to get you started on the right note for the  golf season: Skipping a […]

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