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Maintaining optimal health is the only way to decrease your risk of disease and injury, while keeping your energy and self-esteem at their highest levels. Exercise will help you achieve optimal health, but when your daily life is filled with a hectic routine of work, family, and home obligations, it is often difficult to devote the time. This is where a personal trainer can help you. This is where Personal Best Personal Training comes in.

Research has shown that working with a personal trainer achieves faster, safer, and better results than working out on your own, proving that personal training is the most effective way to improve your physical health, emotional well being, and overall wellness.

Working with you one-on-one, Certified Personal Trainer Kathy Ekdahl educates and guides you on all aspects of health, wellness, and physical fitness. Personal Best Personal Training offers a variety of convenient and affordable personal training programs. You can select your frequency of training, length of each session and location of training session. Group and individual training is available.

Personal Best will travel to you for your training session, or you can come to us here in Mashpee, Massachusetts. The cost of training will depend on distance traveled and number of clients, but personal training can be affordable for everyone.

At Personal Best, emails, short phone calls and use of the Personal Best Personal Training website are all available  to you at no extra charge. Your personal training program begins with a complete fitness assessment, evaluating your strength, flexibility, biomechanics, body composition and nutrition, and cardiovascular endurance. From this assessment, your individualized program will be created, taking into account your schedule and, most importantly, your goals.

If training from home, you may need a small amount of fitness equipment. Personal Best will assist you in choosing the equipment which best suits your needs, keeping it affordable and sensible. At-home training requires a small dedicated space, easily doable in most homes. Weekly or biweekly appointments are the best for keeping motivated and on track, but some individuals need more frequent training. Others are just in need of programming changes, and may only need one appointment per month. You and your trainer can decide what works for you.

Some clients may desire specialized training techniques to meet sports performance goals and, as with all plans, these will be based on the athlete’s baseline fitness level and the physical demands of the sport. Golfers, runners and field sport athletes can all benefit from an individualized training program.

Are You Ready?

Personal Best Personal Training offers flexible personal training plans. Choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. Train as little or as frequently as you need, without contracts or long term commitment. Personal Best offers 1/2 hour and 3/4 hour sessions after the initial assessment. Fees for personal training are:

 Individual2 PPL3 PPL or more
Within 20 Minutes:$85/hr$100/hrFees based on #’s
Outside of 20 Minutes:$90/hr +$105/hr +Fees based on #’s
Virtual/online Training:$65/hr plus program change fee, if applicable$75/hour plus program change fee, if applicableFees Based on #’s

Virtual training and phone coaching are also available. These are useful tools for nutrition counseling and for experienced exercisers who need expert advice and programming to create safe, effective exercise programs. Zoom conferencing is highly effective for virtual training. Contact Kathy for more information about these programs, or a custom program of your own.

About Kathy Ekdahl

Kathy Ekdahl - Personal Training / Golf Fitness Instructor

Kathy is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Trainer. More »


As a long distance and marathon runner, I always felt in good shape. But, I was overweight and continually getting injured. I knew something was missing from my exercise regimen.… “Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker”

Ann Marie, 42, runner, social worker

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