Top 5 Exercises for Great Golf

willowbend country club

The golf swing is a complex and unnatural swing for many people. Unlike tennis or baseball, where you have the luxury of moving the feet and body to position yourself tostrike the ball, the golf swing necessitates detailed attention to the sequencing of your body’smovements for best ball striking. Years of research on the optimal …

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Hello from Personal Best Personal Training!

How are you? It’s been a loooong time since I’ve written a blog, and we have lots of catching up to do. The last year has been a whirlwind, between Covid, moving to Cape Cod, and starting work at Willowbend Country Club, I’ve been busy adapting to my new work and home. As you can …

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Loving Being Lost

Loving Being Lost – A journey towards mindfulness Note from Kathy: Today I have a guest post from Joe Dorr, a former elite athlete with a background in psychology and an interest in healthy mindsets and mindfulness. Joe’s writing style is on point and earnest. I think we can all relate to his wise words, …

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4 Affordable Tools to Help Ease Your Back Pain

After experiencing some serious back issues for close to 2 years, I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to easing my back and hip pain. From medications, to physical therapy, to stretching, to dry needling, to meditation to massage to changing to a standing desk.… well, you get it. I’ve done a lot. While some …

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To Stretch or not to Stretch, that is the Question

Yoga twisting pose

Last week I had a couple client conversations that went like this: Client #1- I read that you are not supposed to stretch before your workout? That it could lead to injuries? Why are we stretching before our workout? Me:  Well, that’s a bit of a generalization of the research, but for YOU, since you …

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Ice or Heat? Which is better and when?

I thought I knew. I’d followed the research regarding ice and the negatives of using it at the wrong time for the wrong injury. I was definitely biased against ice for pain relief. So, for over 9 months, I used heat for my back and glute pain. Sometimes it helped, but sometimes I wasn’t sure. …

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Random Musings about Fitness Wear

I’ve had a lot of time to think about fitness wear. I’ve been buying it and wearing it daily for close to 30 years. Heck, I’ve been wearing workout gear since my mid teens when playing sports in high school and college. Back then, “fitness gear” was an old t shirt and some joggers, or …

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Unlocking Hip Tightness

Variation of hip flexor stretch

File under: Hip flexors are a big deal. Whether you are an Average Joe fitness enthusiast, or one of my dedicated golfing clients, we all share a common lifestyle fault; we live in a time of excessive sitting. We sit for work. We sit at home watching TV. We drive our kids everywhere, and sit …

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Chronic Pain Stinks – Lessons Learned from 18 months of Pain and Dysfunction

pain in the calf muscle

Chronic pain stinks. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, plantar fasciitis or back pain, if you’ve experienced the unrelenting nature of chronic pain, you understand. I’ve been dealing with 18 months of chronic back and hip pain for the first time in my life.  Some days I can’t walk. Some nights I can’t sleep. I had …

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Important Things You Need to Know Before You Pick Up the Game of Golf

green mountain national golf course

I love golf……. The beautiful landscape of the course……. The mental and physical challenge of accurately hitting a teeny tiny white ball…… The camaraderie of my golf partners…… The feeling of success when you play a hole just right……. Laughing, celebrating, reminiscing about great golf shots…… I love golf……. But, at the same time, I …

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