Random Musings as we approach the New Year

A few things I have been thinking about….

I hate New Year’s resolutions. They are made after a period of overindulgence, overeating and overdrinking. They are often spur of the moment, made without planning or thought. It’s easy to say ” I’ll never have cookies again” when you’ve just had 5 cookies a day for two weeks. Your tank is still full- and it’s hard to imagine it being empty and deprived, so you make the promise. The hard work comes later-three months from now, or sooner, after the honeymoon period, when you survived on willpower alone. So- if you are going to make a resolution- do the real work. The planning, the strategizing, the support systems, all must be in place for when willpower- which has a limited life expectancy- fails.

“Just Do It”  is the simplest yet best slogan ever created. Thanks Nike. So- this year, when the excuses rise up- the “I’m too tired” the “I don’t have time” the “Skipping one day won’t matter”, get back to Just Do It. Just Do It.

Most people fail in their attempts to succeed with weight loss because they have not retrained their brains properly. They see exercise as a punishment and food as a reward. If you think this way- you’ll NEVER lose weight permanently. Exercise is NOT a punishment. It is a REWARD. Food is not just a REWARD, it is fuel. What does your body NEED versus what does your body want?

There is not a single diet, supplement nor fitness product advertised on TV that will be your miracle weight loss answer. Weight loss takes hard exercise and a perfectly healthy diet- adhered to forever. Forever. If you can’t handle this truth, then don’t ever expect to lose weight permanently.