Review of Dr. Phil’s “The Ultimate Weight Solution”

I have been reading Dr. Phil Mcgraw’s book “The Ultimate Weight Solution” and I am impressed with his ability to target the REAL reasons we overeat and utlimately lose control over our weight. I have been counseling women and men on health and fitness for over 15 years, and, like Dr. McGraw, have realized that true, lasting change only comes when you look “inside”. All the “outside” changes we focus on through dieting are just a bandaid for the real reasons we overeat. Dr. Phil (of Oprah fame) has decades of experience working with overweight men and women. From the first chapter, he addresses the issues that cause emotional overeating and gives structured, useful advice on creating REAL change that results in REAL weight loss. The bottom line is: there is no easy way to permanently lose excess weight. Dieting only propagates our feelings of self loathing, guilt and failure. The truth is that you can not be successful unless you are willing to do what it takes to love yourself, change what is hurting you, and stick with these positive changes forever.