Back Hyperextension with Physio Ball

This exercise works the lumbar spine as well as the upper back and glutes. (Careful not to overwork the lumbar spine with any core exercise. The low back can become excessively tight if overworked and this can lead to pain or injury)

  1. Kneel behind the physio ball and roll out onto the ball so that your abdomen is on the ball, chest, shoulders and head off the front of the ball, toes on the floor behind you.
  2. You may need to position yourself so that your feet are up against a wall, this will provide better leverage and balance when you first begin doing this exercise.
  3. Place your hands gently behind your head with the elbows wide. Do not clasp the hands together as this can cause you to put pressure on your neck.
  4. Keep your head in neutral alignment and inhale as you lift your shoulders and chest upwards, arching your back carefully and squeezing your buttocks to assist the motion.
  5. Exhale as you lower down, rounding slightly onto the ball and repeat.

You will feel fatigue and exertion in the low back, but there should not be sharp or uncomfortable low back pain during or after this exercise.

Back Hyperextension with Physio Ball

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