Crunches on the Physio Ball

Crunches can be done on the ball as a more challenging version of a traditional crunch on the floor.

  1. Sit on ball and slowly walk out until ball is under the spine, from the low back to the upper back.
  2. Head and shoulders are off the ball, so place your hands behind your head like you would be doing a crunch.
  3. Feet are hip width apart and are directly under your knees at a 90 degree angle.
  4. As you exhale, lift head and shoulders in a crunch, keeping elbows wide.
  5. Lower to start position, noticing that your head and shoulders are slightly lower than your navel.
Crunches on Physio Ball

Steps 1 – 3

Crunches on Physio Ball

Step 4


  • You can lift up into more of a sit-up position, working the hip flexors too.
  • You can work your waist muscles, the obliques, by performing the same movement but with rotation of the torso as you lift. In other words, as you lift, your right shoulder turns towards left knee. You may alternate sides with these crossovers. See positions for crossover variation below.
  • Obliques can be worked by crossing elbow to opposite knee in a crossover.
Crunches on Physio Ball Variation

Step 1 – 3

Crunches on Physio Ball Variation

Step 4

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