Dumbbell Squat

A dumbbell squat is performed with the same form as the barbell squat, but is an excellent first step for preparation for the barbell squat.

If you are unsure of whether you are ready to try a squat, practice the squat without weights by standing with a chair behind you, and try to sit buttocks back until it just touches the chair, and then press back up.

  1. Dumbbells can be held at side, or resting on shoulders for a greater challenge.
  2. Holding dumbbells at your side, keep your chest and head up and inhale as you slowly lower into the squat, buttocks out behind you, back arched slightly, weight shifting back so that strain is not put on the knees.
  3. Lower until thighs are parallel to floor, no lower.
  4. Exhale and press back up to full standing position, making sure buttocks is squeezed tightly at top of exercise.
Dumbbell Squat

Step 1

Dumbbell Squat

Step 2 and 3

Dumbbell Squat

Side view of Steps 2 – 3

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