Forward Lunges with Medicine Ball

These forward lunge variations use a medicine ball to further challenge the core. By holding weight either at your chest or overhead, you can create additional work for the core muscles as spinal stabilizers.

  1. Choose a medicine ball that can be held for extended periods of time. Women may want to start with a 3-5 pound ball (or dumbbell) and men can start with 5-8 lb medicine ball.
  2. In the first variation, start with medicine ball straight overhead.
  3. As you lunge forward, using straight arms, lower the ball carefully and with control to directly in front of your chest. Remember to keep back upright as you lunge, and keep weight into the heel of the front leg as you would in traditional forward lunge.
  4. Push back with front foot, moving ball back to overhead position.
  5. Repeat with other leg.
Forward Lunge with Medicine Ball - Overhead

Step 2

Forward Lunge with Medicine Ball - Chest Front

Step 3 – Forward View

Forward Lunge with Medicine Ball - Chest Side

Step 3 – Side View

Variation: In this easier variation,

  1. Start with the ball at chest at beginning of lunge.
  2. Push ball out in front of chest as you lunge forward.
  3. As you push back to start, pull medicine ball back into chest.
Forward Lunge - Medicine Ball Variation

Steps 1 and 3 with chest variation

Other variations:

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