High Pulley Cable Pushdown

  1. Using a short straight bar attached at the top of the cable station, stand at the cable pulley machine facing in towards the stack.
  2. Reach up and grab the short bar with your hands slightly narrower than shoulder width and palms facing away.
  3. Stand with your chest up and shoulders back and pull the bar down until your elbows are tucked into your waist, and the bar is at chest height approximately.
  4. Exhale as you press the bar down to your thighs, making sure the elbows stay tucked into your waist the entire time.
  5. Slowly release the bar back up, without allowing the elbows to leave the waist or the shoulders to lift towards the ears.

Tip: You may want to lean slightly forward from the hips during this exercise, and this is fine as long as your abdominals are engaged throughout the exercise.

Variation: A variation of this exercise is a single arm cable pushdown, and this can be performed with a handle attachment rather than a straight bar. If you choose to try the single arm version, you will need to make sure your body remains still and stable and that you do not rotate the shoulders or waist to assist you during the exercise.

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