Hip Abduction – Cable Pulley

The cable pulley can be used with an ankle attachment to work some of the hip muscles for balance and stabilization. The outer thigh muscles, the abductors, are especially important to work to create stability of the hip and
to lessen the likelihood of knee injuries.

  1. Face sideways to the cable pulley station, and attach the ankle “bracelet” at your ankle.
  2. The leg farthest away from the stack will be working, so position yourself accordingly.
  3. Stand very tall, with your chest up, and your weight on the standing, non-working leg closest to the stack.
  4. Keep the non-working leg tall through the hip, with the knee slightly bent. The working leg should also have a slightly bent knee, with the toes and knees pointed in the same direction, straight ahead.
  5. Hold onto the rail with your inside hand if desired, and lift the outside leg away from the body without turning the knee up towards the ceiling. The range of motion of the abductors will not allow you to lift the leg very high, so do not bend at the waist or throw your leg up too high.
  6. Repeat with the other leg as well.

This exercise works the outer thighs. See the hip adduction cable pulley exercise to work the inner thighs.

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