Hip Extension – Cable Pulley

This exercise is excellent for working the glutes in a standing balance position.

  1. Position the cable pulley so that it is at the bottom of cable machine.
  2. Attach the ankle cuff to your ankle and lean forward slightly facing the stack, holding on to rail for stability.
  3. Keep abs tight and chest up as you bend slightly forward from hips.
  4. Supporting leg remains strong with knee slightly bent.
  5. Exhale as you lift entire leg behind you only as high as you can without arching back or letting the spine move too much.
  6. Lower slowly to start position and repeat.
  7. Switch legs and repeat 1- 6.

Variation: A variation of this exercise can be performed with elastic tubing secured at the bottom of a door or to a low bench, and tied around the ankle securely.

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