Kneeling Dumbbell Single Arm Row

A heavier dumbbell should be used for this exercise.

  1. Kneel onto bench with one knee on bench, one foot on floor.
  2. If left knee is on bench, place left hand on bench so that you are fully supported with your back completely straight.
  3. Hold dumbbell in right hand, palm in, arm extended straight down towards floor.
  4. Using upper and mid back muscles, pull dumbbell up under armpit, keeping elbow close to ribcage, like you are “starting a lawnmower”.
  5. Biceps will assist this exercise, but try and squeeze shoulder blades at top of exercise, pausing slightly, and lowering slowly.

Variations: This exercise can also be performed with a physio ball and/or with the elbow out to the side of the body as you “row” rather than the elbow staying close to the body, but a lighter weight should be used.

Single Arm Row Physio Ball

Steps 1 – 3

Single Arm Row Physio Ball

Step 4

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