Lateral Elastic Band Walk

This exercise works the muscles of the outer hips and the glutes. These muscles often become weak and underused if you spend a lot of time sitting for work or at home.

  1. Place a thick elastic band around the ankles, just above the ankle bones.
  2. Stand with feet hip width apart so that tension is on the elastic even prior to beginning the movement.
  3. Keeping chest up, abs tight, step to the side with knees slightly bent.
  4. Next, step together, but do not bring the legs together all the way as tension needs to stay on the elastic at all times.
  5. Step sideways one direction for 10-15 reps, and then return in the other direction for the same.
  6. Keep toes pointed straight ahead as you perform this exercise and try not to rock your body to create momentum. Do not drag the foot of the following leg.
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