Low Pulley Cable Overhead Extension

This exercise works the triceps in the same position as an overhead extension, but a cable pulley machine is used instead of a free weight.

  1. Attach the “rope” to the low attachment at the cable pulley station.
  2. Carefully pull the rope up and over your head, and face away from the stack.
  3. There will be immediate tension on the pulley since you are using the low pulley from an overhead position.
  4. Hold each end of the rope in each hand, and keep the arms straight over the head.
  5. Stand in a small lunge, with your abdominals tight and your chest high. Do not let the rope pull your arms back behind your head, or arch your back.
  6. Lower your arms and the rope behind you slowly by bending the elbows only, and then exhale as you straighten elbows and pull the rope back up to start position.

Variation: A variation of this exercise can be done using one arm at a time with a handle attachment at the bottom pulley.

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