Lying Pullover – Dumbbells

A lying pullover is a single joint exercise which works both the chest muscles and the back muscles, the latissimus dorsi.

  1. Lie on your back on a bench with abdominals drawn in and feet on floor.
  2. Using one dumbbell, hold weight up over chest with both hands, weight is parallel with body.
  3. Keeping arms straight, but not locked, lower weight over head slowly until biceps are next to ears.
  4. Exhale and pull weight back to start position, drawing abs in as the back, chest and ribcage muscles contract.

Tip: Careful to not let shoulders creep up towards ears during the exercise or extend the weights too far over the head, as this can put strain on the upper back and shoulder muscles.


  1. This exercise can be performed on a physio ball, with your body positioned in a bridge position, with only the head and shoulders in contact with the ball.
  2. Lying pullover can also be done lying on the floor.
  3. One dumbbell may be used, or two (held close together), or even a light barbell may be used.
Lying Pullover - Dumbbells

Steps 1 – 2

Lying Pullover - Dumbbells

Step 3

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