Multi Hip – Elastic Tubing

By attaching an elastic tube to a railing or other fixed object, you can use it to work the various muscles of the hip such as the adductors(inner thigh), abductors(outer thigh), gluteals and hip flexors. These exercises are particularly beneficial for athletes performing sports which require single leg balancing such as skating and gymnastics.

  1. The tube should be attached low to the fixed object, and then to the ankle as well.
  2. Keeping perfect posture, chest up, shoulders back, knees bent slightly, the working leg can lift in all four directions- outward, frontward, backwards and inwards as long as you position your body so that the direction the leg is moving is opposite to the tension of the elastic.
  3. See hip abduction and hip adduction and hip extension with the cable pulley for additional description of these exercises.
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