Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

Russian Twist is a V-Seat variation that requires good back health, but is quite excellent for building core strength. This variation uses a medicine ball to challenge core and specifically the obliques. It is often called a Russian Twist.

  1. Sit on the floor with chest lifted, knees bent and back very straight.
  2. Hold medicine ball in hands with outstretched arms, choosing a ball that can be held for extended periods of time. Women may want to start with 3-4 lbs., men 5-8 lbs.
  3. Lift feet off the ground balancing in V-Seat if possible., and twist torso, moving medicine ball (or light dumbbell) from chest to hip to chest to opposite hip. Try to turn entire upper body as you twist.

If you cannot keep your feet off the ground, perform exercise with feet on ground initially, again keeping torso twisting, but not lumbar spine. Whether your feet are on or off the ground, you may move legs in opposite direction if necessary to balance the twist.

Russian Twist - Starting Position

Steps 1 – 2

Russian Twist - Twist Right

Step 3 – Twist Right

Russian Twist - Twist Left

Step 3 – Twist Left

Variations: V-Seat

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