Shoulder External Rotation – Dumbbells

External rotation of the shoulder is a motion initiated by the rotator cuff muscles, a group of muscles which support the shoulder especially in racquet and throwing sports. It is one of the most commonly injured muscle groups from improper strength training as well, so it is essential to work these muscles in some way.

  1. Using a dumbbell, you must position yourself on your side, so the weight is worked against gravity.
  2. Lie on your right side, holding a light dumbbell in your left hand. The left elbow remains bent and at the waist, and the dumbbell will hang at 90 degrees at the start of the exercise.
  3. Without moving your body, rotate the shoulder so that the dumbbell moves towards the ceiling.
  4. Keep the elbow in at the waist to insure that the upper arm does not move away from the side of your body.
  5. Roll over to your other side to repeat with other arm
Shoulder External Rotation- Dumbbells

Steps 1 – 2

Shoulder External Rotation- Dumbbells

Steps 3 – 4

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