Supine Bridges

  1. Lie on floor on your back with knees bent and feet on floor, hip width apart, toes pointed straight ahead.
  2. Place arms next to your body with palms down.
  3. Lift buttocks up as body straightens completely by pressing through feet.
  4. Keep buttocks tight and thighs parallel to each other in this lifted
    position. Lifted position can be held for 20 seconds or more, or exercise can be repeated as you lift and lower 15 times.
Supine Bridge

Steps 1 – 2

Supine Bridge

Steps 3 – 4

Variations: This exercise can also be done with:

  1. One leg crossed over the other, ankle resting on opposite knee
  2. One leg stretched out straight, thighs parallel so that only one leg at a time is performing the exercise.
Supine Bridge

Variation using one leg

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