Speaking & Workshops

Kathy Ekdahl, certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach  and fitness and yoga instructor, is an enthusiastic, highly sought-after keynote speaker and presenter who frequently delivers private and public workshops and programs. Recent private workshops and programs include:

  • Today’s Superwoman – What To Do When Your Cape Is At The Cleaners? February and March of 2011 and ongoing.
  • Fit for Golf Introductory Workshop , Marlborough Country Club, Marlborough Massachusetts, April 2014.
  • Strength and Conditioning for Softball, presented for Hudson Youth Softball League, Hudson, Massachusetts, 2013, 2014.
  • Yoga and Fitness for Equestrians at the Pompositticut Farm Day Camp in Hudson, MA.
  • Proper Warm-ups and Cool-downs for Runners, AIM TRI Team, Acton, Massachusetts, winter 2012, 2013.
  • Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolutions ,Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, Marlborough, Massachusetts, January 2012, 2013.
  • Healthy Nutrition for the 21st Century,  Marlborough Savings Bank, Marlborough, Massachusetts, September 2014, Doble Engineering, Newton, Massachusetts 2013.
  • Posture and Pain- Overcoming Work Related Poor Posture- Marlborough Savings Bank, Marlborough Massachusetts, September 2014, Doble Engineering, Newton, Massachusetts 2013.

The most popular workshop topics are:

Fit for Golf

Pre-season conditioning is the best way to get fit—and—keep fit and healthy for the whole golf season and beyond. This valuable workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of golf conditioning, a must for pros as well as weekend hackers. Kathy Ekdahl, Certified Personal Trainer and golfer, focuses on enhancing overall flexibility while improving core strength and posture in order to improve your golf swing and decrease your risk of injuries. Strength training and yoga postures specific to golf are demonstrated. When attending this workshop, wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a golf club and a set of light weights.

Yoga Basics

Yoga is an ancient practice first developed in India almost 4000 years ago. It has found new popularity over the last decade as baby boomers, seniors and athletes alike are discovering the many ways Yoga can improve health, wellness and life balance. This introductory yoga class will focus on the basic principles of yoga; pranayama, or breath work, asanas, or poses, and relaxation, or meditation, so that attendees can experience the Yogic link between the body, mind and spirit. Yoga IS for everybody!

Secrets of Safe, Effective Strength Training

Strength training or weight lifting, has always been associated with young male bodybuilders and elite athletes. But with recent research pointing to the incredible importance of a strong musculoskeletal system, it has gained popularity with all fitness enthusiasts, from women to seniors to high school athletes. This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of strength training, while covering some of the secrets of a truly effective strength training program, including how to develop your abdominal muscles, how to improve posture through weight training, and what exercises to avoid to reduce your risk of injury.

Healthy Back, Healthy Living

Your back is part of the center, or core, of your body, from which all of your strength originates. The health of your back influences all aspects of your life, from posture, to work, play and even sleep, and an unhealthy back can be a painful burden that none of us should have to carry. While close to 80% of all of us experience some back pain during our lives, the vast majority of back pain can be alleviated through simple stretches, core strengthening exercises and proper body alignment. This workshop will explore some of the cause of minor, chronic back pain and teach you quick easy exercises, back safety tips and postural awareness techniques that can help get you back on track to a healthy back.

Today’s Superwoman – What To Do When Your Cape Is At The Cleaners?

“Today’s Superwoman” is a 6 week workshop for women of all ages who are finding difficulty balancing all aspects of their lives. Between work, family, community and self-care, women often find themselves harried and stressed. Join Kathy Ekdahl of Personal Best Personal Training and Maureen Letendre of In Demand Coaching in this ground breaking workshop. Through expert group coaching with experienced wellness professionals and coaches, you will learn how to unlock the secret of a centered life, where your own self care is as important as your work, your family and your community. Look for upcoming Today’s Superwoman Series ebooks, podcasts and workbooks. It’s time to begin your journey.

Yoga Strong- Ongoing Yoga Classes

Kathy teaches ongoing yoga classes in the Hudson, Massachusetts area at Center Stage Dance Studio ,Hudson, Massachusetts and at Breathe Wellness, Marlborough, Massachusetts. Kathy has been teaching yoga since 1997, and has created a yoga class that is doable for all fitness levels. Kathy’s class, which she calls “Yoga Strong” , incorporates traditional yoga poses with a mobility focused warm-up and strength focused asanas. The class always finishes with Savasana, a period of rest and meditation that is the perfect finish to your yoga experience. Mind, body and spirit are united in Yoga Strong.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is the most popular sport in Scandanavia and has recently been introduced here in the United Sates. Nordic Walking uses ski poles, similar to cross country skiing, and is done on all surfaces in all seasons. Nordic Walking burns up to 40% more calories than walking, works the upper body musculature more than traditional walking, and yet remains low impact. It is ideal for all fitness levels and fun for everyone, but Nordic Walking can be very vigorous if desired. Proper technique is necessary to enhance the workout and insure injury prevention, so it is essential to learn techniques from a certified professional.

Kathy Ekdahl is available to conduct classes in the Metrowest area.  Contact Kathy for more information about Nordic Walking.