The Fitness Forum is back with new exciting workouts!

Since April of 2005, I have been fortunate enough to have my own cable TV show on Hudson Local Cable, CTV-8, called The Fitness Forum. Each 1/2 show features education, information and specific workouts for Hudson, Massachusetss residents.

We have been on hiatus since August, as field hockey season interfered with taping of the shows, but we are back on track, having taped a great workout for you last week. This new workout is a Medicine Ball Interval Workout and will run on CTV-8 beginning this Tuesday at 6am, Friday evening at 5:30pm and Saturday morning at 9am. Get your VCR’s or DVD players ready to tape this workout- it is challenging yet simple.

Over the next few weeks, we will feature a variety of workouts and exercise programs- and I HOPE that these workouts will soon be available for you to purchase for your at- home use. I am currently looking to produce customized workout vidoes and DVD’s for you to follow at home. A great way to stay motivated without the costly expense of bi or tri weekly personal training appointments!

Lastly- don’t forget to check out the exercise encyclopedia on my website,, as it now features pictures accompanying many of the exercises. More helpful pictures will be added over the next few months. Enjoy!