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Pain In The Female Calf Muscle, Pain Area Of Red Color

Chronic Pain Stinks – Lessons Learned from 18 months of Pain and Dysfunction

Chronic pain stinks. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, plantar fasciitis or back pain, if you’ve experienced the unrelenting nature of chronic pain, you understand. I’ve been dealing with 18 months of chronic back and hip pain for the first time in my life.  Some days I can’t walk. Some nights I can’t sleep. I had to give up golf. I’m on hiatus from the gym.  Some days I feel great and then…. BOOM, it’s back.  I’m losing my mind.  But I’m lucky.  Unlike many people with chronic pain, I have lots of resources. I’m a trainer.  I know a great group of PT’s, MD’s, strength coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. They are all here to help.  I have the […]

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Ease Chronic Pain and Improve Exercise Performance with Self -Massage

Foam rollers are a “new” self massage tool that, in my opinion, are an absolutely essential part of any workout. Foam rollers, tennis balls, massage sticks and other devices can be used to roll and knead tight, overused muscles and fascia to soften the tissue and prepare it for exercise, or soften the tissue to release unnecessary tightness and painful trigger points from sedentary posture. Muscles/tendons and fascia that are abnormally tight can cause the joints to become misaligned and function improperly, eventually resulting in chronic pain. Self- massage techniques are also called Myofascial Release Techniques. (Fascia is a translucent connective tissue which winds around muscles and if wound too tight, can cause pain and dysfunction). All athletes, from runners to […]

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