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Senior Has Back Pain Due To Heavy Load

Ice or Heat? Which is better and when?

I thought I knew. I’d followed the research regarding ice and the negatives of using it at the wrong time for the wrong injury. I was definitely biased against ice for pain relief. So, for over 9 months, I used heat for my back and glute pain. Sometimes it helped, but sometimes I wasn’t sure. But my bias was strong, so I persevered with the heat. It was not until I saw a new PT that she suggested icing my back and hip. “Light dawned on marble head” as the saying goes. The ice took my back pain down to almost zero. My sciatica also diminished.  Let’s say I was surprised at the least. I had been ASSUMING that my […]

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7 Treadmill Do’s and Dont’s

A treadmill is a great investment, especially here in the northeast where weather can prevent us from getting outside for exercise. While it may seem simple to walk on a treadmill, I am constantly surprised by what I see at the many gyms I visit through my work. I have seen people running on treadmills while holding on, people using 10 pound hand weights- but leaving their arms at their sides. I’ve seen people using ankle weights, performing bizarre arm movements and lots and lots of reading while on a treadmill. Then, of course, there are the walkers who are going at a pace so slow that even your grandmother could beat them. So, I guess it’s not as simple […]

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