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Shape-Ups Should Ship Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day and all of Hudson was out walking. This is a good thing- like many communities, Hudson is struggling with obesity among its residents. But, I was very surprised to see how many people were sporting the new “Shape-Ups” sneakers that have been advertised so much over the last few months. So- WARNING! WARNING! Rant and rave begins here…….. The commercials for Shape-Ups, Masai Barefoot Technology, or any other mimic of these shoes are downright misleading. Do you really think that the 18 year old, 5’9 ,110 pound model wearing these shoes got her butt and legs from wearing Shape-Ups? Of course not. Do you really think that these sneakers will produce the same results as […]

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The Top 5 reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight- And What To Do About Them

In my 20 years of working in the fitness industry, I have never, note never, met anyone who could not lose weight no matter how hard they tried (aside from people with serious metabolic disorders). Unfailingly, clients who could not lose weight were making crucial mistakes that were preventing them from success. Unfortunately, many people are in such denial about their exercise, eating and lifestyle habits , that they convince themselves they are doing everything they can to lose weight. Meanwhile, deep inside (deep inside) they know this is not the truth.  Self-evaluation and truthfulness are essential for progress, but maybe you just need to hear once again what is holding you back. So, here are my top 5 reasons […]

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