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Fitness in the Time of Corona

How do we manage our health and fitness needs during the Covid -19 pandemic? What kinds of exercise should we prioritize? We are in unprecedented times.  This is unknown territory for the heart and soul, not to mention the mind and body. So, it is no surprise that many of us, myself included, are a bit disoriented and unsure of the  “new normal”.  Our new normal means we have lots of time, often with little to do, while, at the same time, we are filled with worry, stress and angst. Little is within our control externally. All we can do is control our reactions to our external world, which is clearly upside down right now.  This requires lots of mental […]

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7 Treadmill Do’s and Dont’s

A treadmill is a great investment, especially here in the northeast where weather can prevent us from getting outside for exercise. While it may seem simple to walk on a treadmill, I am constantly surprised by what I see at the many gyms I visit through my work. I have seen people running on treadmills while holding on, people using 10 pound hand weights- but leaving their arms at their sides. I’ve seen people using ankle weights, performing bizarre arm movements and lots and lots of reading while on a treadmill. Then, of course, there are the walkers who are going at a pace so slow that even your grandmother could beat them. So, I guess it’s not as simple […]

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Great Golf Website for Women

Tiger Woods was one of my golf heroes. I guess I should’ve known that you can’t rely on men with money and power to have morals too.  What a shame! But, despite Tiger Woods’ crash and burn, despite how Tiger obviously showed a total disrespect for his wife, his kids, and marriage in general, I’m still hopeful that golf will continue to grow, and especially for women. My goal this year- to find a WOMAN Golf hero and continue to promote golf fitness for the average golfer, not just the pros.  Happily, I will be writing for a new website, www.golfgurls.com this upcoming year.  Check it out for the latest info on golf, fitness,  golf tips and camaraderie. Golf is just a few […]

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