Are you a fitness role model for your kids?

One of the greatest joys I have as a trainer is to watch the children of my clients  grow up with exercise in their homes. It got me wondering- what kind of a role model are YOU for your children? Do you exercise on a regular basis? Or, sit on the couch like a slug? Do you talk positively about exercise, or complain about how much it hurts, or how hard it is?  Do you complain about being fat in front of your children? Or, do you diet restrictively, which teaches them that some food is bad and some food is good?

Just askin’ the questions…. hoping to make YOU think.

While you are thinking about exercise, eating well, being a good role model- here’s a photo of a future trainer- my friend Miss Nik- doing renegade rows.

At 7 years old, Miss Nik has watched her Dad  exercise at home with me for several years. She can do a beautiful plank, great walking lunges and a heck of a Down Facing Dog. Today- renegade rows- YOU GO GIRL! And, I know what you’re thinking….. did she WANT to do these? Absolutely. She wanted to do the same exercises as her Dad. That’s how kids learn that exercise is fun, important and something to build into their future. Think about the message you are sending your children around exercise and eating well.