Exciting things happening at Personal Best (exciting to me anyway!)

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Italy. Saw no evidence of the classic mediterranean diet! Every meal- at least the typical restaurant meals we ate- were filled with meats, cheeses, white bread, white pasta and wine.  (Very few vegetables except tomatoes) What a combo….All the foods that I generally caution my clients to eat in extreme moderation, I ate every day, every meal. But I did not gain any weight! What’s the secret? You’ll have to wait as I will be writing more about what I like to call “The Italian Experiment” soon… but for now- two quick announcements….

My ebook “Getting Golf Ready- A Woman’s Guide to Golf  Fitness” is in it’s final editing stages. What started as a small give -away project two years ago, is now an 80 page ebook. I am very proud of the book, and very grateful for the help of Pat Mulally of www.GolfGurls.com for her expertise in creating the book and helping with editing.  If you are interested in learning more about the book- email me and I can put you on the book release distribution list.

Also, upon my return from Italy, I learned that I was a finalist for the ACE and Life Fitness 2011 “Personal Trainers To Watch ”  national award. What a privilege to be listed as a finalist with all of the other fabulous trainers!  With close to 400 nominations,  I guess all of my years of community service, diligence and continual desire to learn more and be a better trainer,  have finally paid off.  It only took 23 years to get the kudos! Next award- at age 75!