Fall- The Perfect Time For Goal Setting

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. To me, it signals a new start, a new season, the end of the lazy days of summer. Cool crisp air, beautiful foliage, fresh pencils, organized notebooks, new school clothes! These are the things I think of when I think of fall!

Summer can be a time of vacations and overindulgences, which are welcome after the long winter, but summer can also be a time of too much sun, too much food and drink and lots of lazing around at the beach.  I feel we are so lucky to have the seasons here in Massachusetts, as each season can end, and a new season can start, giving us opportunities for change and forward movement. Fall is the perfect time to get back to our goals and our regimens as we redefine our self commitment and our schedules.

 I ask all of you to take the time over the next two weeks to put in writing your goals and self-promises for the fall. Your goals could be related to frequency of exercise, or weight loss, or trying something new, or giving up soda! All are valid and inspirational.  Goals should be achievable and realistic, and make sure to create long and short term goals. Be specific! Make sure that your goal sheet also includes HOW you are going to achieve the goals. What actions will you take to be successful? This means putting thought into scheduling and planning- the action stage- which is essential for forward movement.  Merely dreaming of your goals is only the first step! You must write them down and then take specific actions to achieve them. Post your goal sheet where it is visible and use it as a tool for self accountability. You’d be surprised how motivating it is to see your own promises written down in front of you each and every day. They will serve as a reminder of the commitment you have made to your self improvement.

Have a wonderful fall!