Kathy’s Fitness Forum

Have you been watching Kathy’s Fitness Forum on CTV-8, Hudson Local Cable TV? The Fitness Forum runs Tuesday mornings at 6am, Friday evenings at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9:30am. Each show features the latest in exercise programs and fitness information. Whether you are a new exerciser or seasoned athlete, The Fitness Forum will offer you exciting programs and exercises for at- home fitness.

Our first four shows featured:

  • bodyweight exercises for core strength- no need for weights or equipment-the perfect workout for vacations and travelling!
  • core strengthening exercises using the stability ball-learn the most creative, fun ways to use the physio ball for fitness
  • lower body strength training- a must for all of us
  • upper body strength training- target the most important muscles for strength and injury prevention
  • As an experienced personal trainer, I come across alot of fitness information that is incorrect and unsafe. If you get most of your fitness information from fashion magazines or muscle-head magazines, you may be doing exercises that are unsafe and inappropriate for your goals and fitness level. I am so pleased that I can provide you with safe, effective exercise routines that match your lifestyle and fitness goals via Kathy’s Fitness Forum. Join us!