Latest Health and Fitness Research Updates

A few tidbits of information to help you be as healthy as you can be!

  • Most Americans never lose the weight they gained over the holidays. This accounts for the several pound weight gain we experience each year that, over a decade, results in our obesity. So, if your goal is weight loss- start with getting those holiday pounds off first! Don’t wait too long!
  • Researchers at The University of California at San Diego showed that high fat diets with large amounts of meat and dairy products encouraged diabetes by disrupting a gene that produces insulin. This small study showed that it’s not just excess sugary carbs that can trigger diabetes, it is also high fat, but further research is necessary. Watch out Atkins dieters!
  • A study published in Diabetes Care, Dec, 2005, tested various diets to discover what type of diet produces the most efficient weight loss. Researchers found that a low glycemic load diet enhanced weight loss in some volunteers. Specifically, volunteers who were “high insulin secreting” found this type of regimen most successful. This study confirms that one diet does not fit all- and that, depending on your metabolism and physiology, each of us may need a different eating regimen. Custom diet plans are the wave of the future.