Medical Research That Can Save A Life

Each week I receive a synopsis of recently published research studies through an online medical journal. While many of the studies are very technical and may not be of interest to most of us, every now and then, one comes along which is so important that I need to share it with you. Such is the case today. Read below- it may just save your life!

A recent study that was an offshoot from the ongoing huge “Nurse’s Study” looked at the link between Breast Cancer and alcohol intake. This study showed that women who drink 3 alcoholic beverages a day have a 30% increased risk of breast cancer! Obviously, three alcoholic drinks a day is excessive any way you look at it, and breast cancer is not the only disease created by this excess- BUT the study also showed that women who drink one or two drinks a day have a 10% increased risk of Breast CA! These numbers are startling! We have known for years that in some women, any more than one drink a day can cause liver disease, but it is scary that this same amount also increases breast cancer risk! If you have gotten in the habit of drinking this amount of alcohol, you need to cut down as soon as possible

A recent study on CPR techniques and their success on saving lives showed that CHEST COMPRESSIONS alone were most effective for saving a life after sudden cardiac arrest. This has huge implications for the public and how they approach CPR, as many people find mouth to mouth breathing during CPR undesirable- and hence hesitate to do it. Since those who succumb to sudden cardiac arrest were breathing just moments before the attack, chest compressions alone are sufficient to circulate air to needed organs and hopefully save a life! Now, we have no reason to hesitate to perform CPR when it is necessary!

As a commitment to your health and my own, I will continue to share updates and information with you on this blog.