Research Updates on Vitamin E Supplements, Effects of Drinking Sugared Sodas

Two recently published research studies caught my eye and I want to draw your attention to them.
The first study, which Iread about on WebMD, discussed the results of an extensive review of seven large clinical studies that had evaluated the effectiveness of Vitamin E supplementation for the prevention of heart disease. The review concluded that 6 of the 7 major clinical trials showed NO proven benefits from Vitamin E supplemenation. While we know that EATING foods rich in anitoxidants may reduce the risk of heart disease, taking supplements does not provide the same benefit. Once again, eating a diet rich in foods like vegetables and fruits is the best way to go! And, the researchers theorized that many people take supplements as the “easy way out”, and do not do the other more important things to prevent heart disease like using drug therapies such as aspirin and cholesterol- lowering statins, exercising and following a healthy diet.

Speaking of a healthy diet, scientists form the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital published more fascinating data from their study of more than 91,000 nurses in the 1990’s. This new data showed that women who drank at least one soda sugary drink a day gained an average of 17 pounds over 8 years, versus 6 pounds for non soda drinkers. Furthermore, soda drinkers were 83% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non soda drinkers. They theroize that the immediate surge of pure sugar from these drinks disrupts the body’s normal ability to process sugar. While there are flaws with the “Nurses” study, we can all agree that drinking sugary sodas or other sugary drinks has no place in the daily diet of women, men or children!