Todays Superwoman Seminar- What do to when your cape is at the cleaners?

Happy New Year! As part of our continued effort to better ourselves, it is essential to take time out to explore our priorities, our health, our
over-commitments, our self care. Where do you stand? Are you in need of a reset? Will you make this a priority for yourself this year? Or not?
Let us help!
Myself, Maureen Letendre of In Demand Coaching, and Julie Brown Dalbec of Marlborough Wellness Center come together to offer a 6 week workshop for “Today’s Superwoman.” Vastly different than any “one day” workshop, Today’s Superwoman gives you 5 weeks to work on your goals and aspirations with the help of experienced coaches and wellness professionals with over 60 cumulative years of experience. Workshop begins Tuesday February 1st , 2011, from 7-8:30pm, and runs until Tuesday March 1, 2011. For more information, email me at  or click on detailed flyer  for  the flyer for Today’s Superwoman Seminar.