Group Personal Training, Bootcamps and more

From what everyone keeps boo-hooing about, the economy is taking a downturn. Sometimes I feel like we are just making it worse with all the negativity and doom and gloom-convincing ourselves the sky is going to fall? But, my opinion notwithstanding, things are changing. I think it is key to buckle down and not spend in excess, but the ONE place it is a grave error to cut back on is self care- especially exercise and healthy eating. I have found in the past that the second that we feel economic hardship, the first thing that goes is the gym membership or personal training expenses, when, in reality, these are the times we MOST need to exercise and eat well in order to combat stress!  I have had members at my previous gym stop their memberships because they lost their jobs, but they keep their tanning appointments and nail appointments??? What kind of prioritizing is that?

At Personal Best, we are well aware personal training is an extra expense, and we want to make things affordable for you! We have a variety of training programs and classes that can allow you to spend less but still keep healthy and sane.

From yoga classes, to bootcamps, to Nordic Walking classes to group training sessions, these are all great ways to cut costs, but still have the superb customer service, accountability and expertise you have consistently experienced with Personal Best. For more information on these money saving programs, see the enclosed flyers Group Training Hudson and Hudson Bootcamp or contact us via email at