How and Why to Keep a Food Diary

Food Logs, or food diaries, are one of the most necessary and effective ways to help dieters lose weight and keep it off. Research has proven that dieters who use food logs for accountability are 60-70% more likely to be successful with their weight loss goals. In my training, I always ask for food logs from my clients, but I have found that many people really dislike this task. Some even refuse to do it! Why? Because they are afraid to really confront their own eating habits. They are afraid that they will be judged by what they eat. However, unless I, or my clients themselves, specifically know what they are eating on any given day, it is almost impossible to successfully lose weight. We humans are a funny species. Denial is not just a river in Egypt! For myself, I often forget what I have eaten, or have underestimated(consciously or unconsciously) portions of foods. Thus, I keep a food log as often as possible, and I highly recommend you do as well!

When keeping a food log, write down everything you eat in detail after each meal or snack. Record the times you have eaten, the exact amounts (no need to weigh foods, however) and even how you are feeling emotionally or otherwise. Hungry? Sad? Angry? Stressed? Which of these feelings is a reason to eat? Only hunger! Food logs will help you recognize patterns and pitfalls which are preventing your success. And your success is what matters most to me, and to you!